A complete, independently-envisioned Season 8 for Game of Thrones, written with love by Alice Shipwise
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PART 3 of 6

May 8, 2019

Euron awaits his new queen.

An early morning fog lies heavy over Volantis harbor. The masts of Euron's ships poke out of the thick mist like trees.
Aboard his flagship, Euron is dressed to the nines, or at least the Ironborn equivalent. He beams across the water. It's a good day to be king.
A rowboat pulls up alongside the Silence's port side, where a ladder hangs down to the water. AERON DAMPHAIR stands up, a little unsteady in the small craft. He is dressed in his priestly Drowned Man robes. He grabs hold of the ladder and begins to climb.
Dozens of other rowboats are queued up, bearing IRONBORN CAPTAINS, here to witness the wedding of their king.

Aeron pulls himself up and onto the main deck, assisted by a few of Euron's crew. He finds his feet, and casts his gaze over the deck.
Aeron's POV: a number of captains are already assembled, milling about as they wait. Euron spots Aeron and nods to him, smiling.
Aeron comes over to join him. As an Ironborn, he doesn't mince words:
Where's your bride?
She'll be here soon.
A rowboat launches from the Volantis docks. This one is large and ornate, befitting a queen on her wedding day. Five rows of OARSMEN pull at the long painted oars, propelling the craft out into the harbor.
At the bow, a silken canopy in the colors of House Targaryen flutters over a cushioned seating area. Our silver-haired beauty rests there at her leisure.
[N.B.: we only see her from behind, but her hair, costuming, and context all tell us that this is Dany.]
By now, the rest of Euron's guests have arrived -- the who's who of the Ironborn leadership. They stand assembled in a crowd at the stern of the ship. At the bow, an Ironborn wedding altar has been prepared. Aeron stands beside it, stern and grey, holding a vessel of seawater for the ceremony.
Euron is at the railing, gazing searchingly across the water.
He sees something, and a hungry smile spreads across his face.
There she is.
The guests all turn to look.

Their POV: Dany's vessel slowly emerges into view through the shrouding mists. It cruises toward us at an unhurried, regal pace.
Down on the waves, Dany's boat grows larger as it rows toward us, bearing its royal passenger in its bow.
It's not obvious at first. But as we push in close on her, it suddenly becomes apparent that she is not Dany at all. She is a SILVER-HAIRED LOOKALIKE. Perhaps even the same lookalike that Tyrion and Varys had once observed in a Volantene brothel, where Tyrion was subsequently kidnapped by Jorah Mormont.
But out on the Silence, the ornate boat is still too far away to make out its passenger's face. Euron watches its approach, blissfully unaware as yet that anything is amiss.
The vessel draws near, and something slowly changes in Euron's face. Nobody else here has met Dany face-to-face. But he has. It takes longer than it should to realize that something is off -- he was not expecting her to be someone else.
Euron is frowning, trying to make sense of it, when one of his crewmen shouts a sudden warning.
Captain! On our flanks!
Euron turns to see two ships sailing at them fast, bearing down on the Silence from opposite sides. They are almost on top of them -- everyone had been so distracted watching "Dany" that they did not notice the ships emerging from the mist.
The two ships are bearing the Greyjoy kraken on their sails, confusing Euron deeply. He has enough presence of mind to seize his axe and let out a rallying battle yell--
A violent impact explodes upon the Silence as the two ships ram them simultaneously, at speed. Wood explodes into splinters. Men are thrown off their feet.
Leading the charge, YARA MOTHERFUCKING GREYJOY comes roaring down a boarding plank, a screaming pack of Ironborn killers at her back. MARON VOLMARK leads a similar charge from his own ship.

A brief battle ensues. Euron's group is outnumbered, outflanked, and surprised. A few of them fight back and are promptly butchered for their trouble. The rest throw down their arms in surrender, because they are Very Smart Boys.
Euron does not surrender. He is a one-man violence machine, cutting down fighters despite being outnumbered and surrounded. Maron sees him mowing down his men and charges in to engage him, locking up in a fierce duel.
Yara weaves in, staying deftly hidden in Euron's blind spot, and slices his hamstring to the bone. Euron grunts in pain and goes down on his knee, his leg useless beneath him.
Maron disarms him, taking away Euron's axe as his former king kneels bleeding on the deck. Euron glowers up at him: you fucking traitor.
Maron gives him a sort of shrug: don't take it personally, dude.
Yara slowly walks around Euron to face him. His blood drips down her sword and spatters on the deck, leaving a trail alongside her.
Hello, niece.
He says it with his customary manic confidence, the same way he used to when he was torturing her during her captivity. The gathered captains look to see Yara's reaction.
She doesn't respond, nor seems to have even noticed that Euron has spoken. She paces the deck in front of him, eyes moving appraisingly over her uncle, as though deciding how exactly she's going to carve him up.
If you've been alive this whole time... why didn't you come sooner? I would have thought you'd come try to save your brother.
That gets her attention. She finally looks him in the face, a faint puzzlement in her eyes.
After all, he came to save you.
My brother is with the Drowned God.

Is he?
Euron is crippled, bleeding, and about to die, but you wouldn't know it from his face. His grin is smug, sadistic.
He uses his eyeline to direct Yara's attention to the top of the Silence's main mast. She looks--
Weeks of exposure to wind, sun, birds, and salt have rendered him nearly unrecognizable, but Yara recognizes him all the same. THEON GREYJOY's abused and dessicated corpse dangles with the rocking of the waves, naked and trussed up with ropes.
Euron smiles to see Yara's horror and grief. If he must die, at least he can die with this one last joyful memory on his--
Yara strikes almost quicker than we can see, dashing Euron viciously across the face with the flat of her sword, laying him out on the deck. She slashes open his pants as Euron lies dazed, and carves off his cock. Euron screams.
Yara's ruthlessness is frightening to behold -- her eyes are black pits of ice-cold hate. She locks an arm around Euron's head and crams his severed member down his windpipe, making him gag and choke. She forces it all the way in and locks his jaw shut with a vice grip around his head.
Euron is weakened by blood loss and head trauma, but he's a strong man, and full of mortal adrenaline. His hands tear fistfuls of hair from Yara's head. His nails gouge at her flesh. But she hardly even winces.
Maron moves forward uncertainly as Euron thrashes, knocking Yara against the deck as she maintains her vice grip. She stops Maron in his tracks with a death glare: don't you dare help me.
The assembled captains watch the horrible spectacle with a mixture of shock and admiration. Yara is truly terrifying in this moment. Being Ironborn, they are rather impressed.
Euron's struggles begin to weaken as he succumbs to blood loss and asphyxiation. His body puts in one last burst of frantic energy, thrashing wildly on the deck. And then it's over.
Euron Greyjoy is dead.
Yara holds her vice grip another few moments to make sure. Then lets go. Euron's head drops to the deck with an ignominious wooden thud. Yara stands up, bleeding from where Euron's nails had scratched her. She stares down at her dead uncle.

She turns her back on him.
The captains are still watching her. Yara walks up and halts in front of them, casting her gaze over them, meeting their eyes individually and as a group.
For a moment, the only sounds are the wind and the waves and the creaking of the ship.
Aeron Damphair is the first to kneel. And then, as if on cue, the entire Ironborn leadership kneels the fuck down for their queen.

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