This page is free of any spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 8. :)

Hello! I'm Alice. This is me, in my Genghis Khaleesi guise:

Genghis Khaleesi

So there's this strange thing that happens to me, about once a decade, where something will grab me by the brain and suddenly dump huge, uncontrollable amounts of creative writing inspiration into it. It goes something like this:

ME: (going about life, doing life tasks)

SCENE: (suddenly starts occuring in imagination, fully-formed)

ME: Oh hello.

SCENE: (plays on loop, refuses to release brain resources for life tasks)

ME: (typing) Maybe you will be appeased if I write you down?

SCENE: (is appeased)

ME: Phew.


This becomes my life for the next several months until it runs its course. It's a very interesting experience because I don't normally write fiction at all. Only when I'm under the influence of this peculiar phenomenon, and then it happens massively and in a way that I couldn't stop if I tried. I am not so much a writer as a civilian that the writing gods occassionally decide to kidnap.

Anyway, in fall 2017, around the end of Game of Thrones Season 7, the gods decided it was time, and long story short, I ended up accidentally writing an entire Season 8. Different parts of the story are at different stages of completion, but I do have story arcs and endgame planned for every major remaining plotline. I am writing these as fully-formatted screenplays in the style and tone of the actual Game of Thrones TV scripts, such as these:

My aspiration is for my own scripts to be so good that they could theoretically pass for legit Season 8 script leaks, and the comments have been encouraging so far. I am not attempting to "predict" Season 8 per se. More extrapolating forward from Seasons 1-7 and coming up with an ending to the series that feels credible and satisfying.

One of the reasons I'm excited about sharing these speculative Season 8 scripts is that, even if they do manage to be as good as script leaks, they are not in fact leaks at all. So for those of you who are trying to avoid spoilers, hopefully this gives you a safe way to indulge your Game of Thrones craving — something to do during this Long Night of an off-season.

Here's the thing: while it's likely that some of my stuff will happen to come true, you won't know for sure which parts until you watch the real thing, because I honestly don't know myself. When I first started writing these, there simply weren't any leaks on r/freefolk (lots of Bobby B memes though). As the project gained momentum, I decided that it would be best if I remained free and pure of leaks/spoilers, so that it would be possible for spoiler-averse people to safely enjoy my scripts.

Also: it's pretty unlikely that all of my stuff will come true, so now it's like you can get an entire bonus season of this show we all love.

I hope my scripts bring you joy. :) Subscribe below to get notified immediately whenever I post new stuff, and please do say hi at r/shipwisescripts, a spoiler-safe community for Game of Thrones TV fanatics. If you'd like to help support this project, you can do that by joining my Patreon or sharing these scripts with friends.