A complete, independently-envisioned Season 8 for Game of Thrones, written with love by Alice Shipwise
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PART 2 of 5

February 24, 2019

The living make a stand at Winterfell.

Ext. Winterfell - broken tower - DAY
The sound of RHAEGAL's complaints lead us into the next scene -- another day. Jon falls off his dragon once again, in a tumble of limbs and frustration. He rolls with the landing, and comes up onto his feet, dirtied but mostly unfazed.
Jon has yet to succeed in riding a dragon. But he appears to have mastered falling off of one.
He closes his eyes, trying to calm the urgency of his desperation.
An ominous sound makes him open them: an approaching winter storm. Roiling wintry clouds are gathering now, north of Winterfell. They loom tall, full of dark promise.
Jon gazes stoically up at the familiar sight. By this point, it's practically an old friend.
He walks up to Rhaegal's head, unhurried now in his movements. He scratches him where he knows he likes to be scratched. Rhaegal croons at him.

Jon's POV: our gaze travels lingeringly up along Rhaegal's neck, up to the spot where a rider would sit.
There's a deep sadness to Jon's affect as he gazes up at that spot. Despite all the skepticism he had voiced to others, he had really truly hoped this would work out.
He stands quietly with Rhaegal a moment more. Then gives him one last rub on the snout.
Be good.
He backs slowly away from his would-be dragon. Then turns and walks off, never looking back.
ext. WinterfeLL BATTLEMENTS - day
Upon the battlement walls, the atmosphere is taut as a bowstring. LONGBOW ARCHERS are forming up into ranks along the parapet, as their CAPTAINS bark orders and direct men and women into position. PAGE BOYS AND GIRLS hurriedly push bundles of arrows into cylindrical containers beneath each crenellation, while others roll barrels up ramps and along the walkway. A SCORPION TEAM loads a giant steel bolt into its groove. We focus in on its tip -- sharp dragonglass fins protected by a robust steel point.
In the distance, the winter storm broods and rumbles as it pushes inexorably closer to Winterfell.
Jaime is conferring with Jorah and his team of Dothraki archers -- HADORRO, plus THREE OTHERS. They're all bundled in warm furs for their impending flight, each carrying a Dothraki recurve bow and a well-stocked quiver of dragonglass arrows.
(to Jorah)
Remember, don't try to be a hero, just put as many holes in its wings as you can. If you have a clean shot, you can try for the wound in its neck, or the Night King himself. Otherwise, be patient. Focus on rate-of-fire. The more you wear it down, the easier it will be to kill once an opportunity presents itself.
Jorah nods, turns, and translates for the other archers. Dany and TYRION LANNISTER stand nearby, listening. Dany is dressed for flying.

Jon walks along the battlements toward them, deadly calm, passing through the archers and pages busy with their preparations. Tyrion sees him approaching and speaks up as Jon joins them.
Any last-minute luck with Rhaegal?
Jon ignores him and stops in front of Dany.
I'm coming with you.
Everyone turns and looks at him. Dany stares at Jon, a strangely vulnerable expression on her face. He looks her steadily in the eye, his gaze full of cool authority.
Jorah makes a resigned face: "this bullshit again."
Jon, don't be ridiculous.
I know the Night King better than anyone here. I've faced him more times than anyone here.
If her grace dies fighting the Night King, we're fucked. If you both die fighting the Night King, we're double-fucked.
And if we fail this mission, everyone dies. What's your point?
Tyrion doesn't have a quick retort for that.
This is the moment. Right here, right now. Whatever happens today turns the tide of the war, for better or for worse. This isn't the time for contingency plans. It's time to hit them with everything we have. I'm coming with you.
What do we do with Rhaegal without you?
I leave him in your care.

I can't control him, Jon.
Neither can I.
Tyrion looks to Jaime, hoping for some backup, but none seems to be forthcoming. Jaime is looking at Jon with a grim, appraising look, saying nothing.
Jon turns to face Jorah and the archers.
I need one of you to give up your seat.
Jorah looks at Jon. The two men stare each other down. Jorah's eyes move to Dany, who doesn't intervene, and he reluctantly translates for the other archers.
The archers all look at each other, and at Jorah. Being selected for this crew was a great honor, and none of them are eager to give it up.
Jon is giving Jorah a hard look: "come on, dude."
Hadorro watches this miniature drama playing out. He sighs, exasperated, and decides to do his boy Jorah a solid. He steps out of line, unslings his bow and his quiver and pushes them brusquely into Jon's hands.
There's a subtle release of tension in Jorah's posture. He gives Hadorro a grateful look. Hadorro glances at him knowingly, then departs.
Jon stares Jorah down for one more beat, then looks away as he puts on the quiver.
Ext. GoDSWOOD - day
Bran sits beneath the heart tree, his eyes warg white. Sansa and Arya stand protectively nearby, flanked by Brienne and the Hound. PODRICK PAYNE hovers at Brienne's shoulder.
A detachment of NORTHERN GUARDSMEN and UNSULLIED SOLDIERS stand around the heart tree in a loose ring. The mood is restless and tense. Bran sits motionless in the center of it all.
Gendry stands among the Northern soldiers, dressed like the rest of them, armed with his warhammer. Arya catches his eye for a fleeting moment and gives him a very small, fond smile. Sansa notices Arya's expression and blinks quizzically. She turns her head to see who she's looking at, but by then, the moment has passed -- to her, it just looks like a nondescript group of Northern soldiers. Sansa glances back at Arya, bemused. Strange.

Bran returns to himself then, though his eyes look distant, gazing calmly at nothing in particular.
It's time.
Ext. winterfell aerial - day
A FLOCK OF RAVENS rises up out of the godswood toward us, cawing as they fly. As we pull back from them, Winterfell falls away, spread out below us in a wide landscape.
With a majestic roar, Drogon sweeps up into frame, following the ravens, with Dany et al mounted upon his back.
As they fly out of frame, we pan down for a wide view of Winterfell's fortifications. Three concentric rings of defensive palisade stand silent guard around the castle -- rough-built structures of crossed posts and unmortared stone. Sharp stakes and caltrops bristle outside each of the gates, which are additionally defended by dedicated scorpions atop the walls.
Ext. Winterfell battlements - jaime/DEFENDERS moment
On the walls, the atmosphere has become strangely quiet and still. Jaime stands at attention, looking out at the approaching storm.
Stretching out in a line beyond him, longbow archers stand ready, identical in their postures. Small braziers burn every couple feet, between canisters stuffed with arrows.
Behind the archers, GREY WORM stands with a line of UNSULLIED SPEARMEN.
A SCORPION OPERATOR stands with his hand poised on the firing lever.
Nobody speaks. Nobody moves.
Panning up over the walls, we see the godswood to the east, the red leaves of the heart tree visible above the other trees.

Ext. Godswood - bran moment
Close on Bran's warg face, as we hear a sound advance of cawing ravens.
Ext. Sky - ravens/DROGON moment
The ravens' eyes go white in random rapid succession, as Bran flits from one bird to another, looking in a dozen directions at once.
Following behind the ravens, Drogon appears, huge and dark and badass. And mounted upon him, strapped into his leather flying harness: Dany, Jon, Jorah, ARCHER #1, ARCHER #2, ARCHER #3 (in order, front to back).
There's an eerie tension in the air, punctuated only by the sounds of Drogon's wingbeats, and the ravens' cawing, and the blowing wind. Dany gazes ahead, a look of focus upon her face.
Dany's POV: the ravens are leading us straight into the heart of the storm.
As we enter, visibility becomes suddenly very bad. Jon, Jorah, and the other archers tighten their grips on their bows, as Drogon is buffeted by the strong winds.
Ext. winterfell landscape - Wolfswood
Finally, slowly, the ARMY OF THE DEAD emerges out of the wolfswood.
Ext. Winterfell battlements - cONTINUOUS
Jaime's expression shifts as he lays eyes upon the approaching enemy. He is deeply affected by the sight, though he keeps his reaction tightly controlled.
(to archery captain)
Archers! Light your arrows!
Moving in unison, the archers thrust the points of their arrows into the braziers along the walls.

Archery captain
(archers nock)
(archers draw)
Points of flame arc outward and away, all along the walls of Winterfell.
Ext. palisades - continuous
The arrows land with a rain of thunks amid the brush and firewood stacked just outside the first palisade -- the outermost of the three.
Now we see the structure up close: a tall barrier built from green rough-hewn timbers, lashed together to form an X-shaped cross-section. Just outside of that, a low stacked-stone wall acts as a firebreak, and just outside of that is a low wall of firewood, stacked criss-cross, with brush and kindling thrust into the spaces between the logs.
The kindling quickly takes light, crackling as the flames spread.
Ext. WinterfeLL AERIAL - conTINUOUS
We watch from above as the fire spreads to form an unbroken ring, completely encircling Winterfell. Meanwhile, the Army of the Dead continues to emerge and surround the castle.
Ext. Palisades - wights moment
As one, the wights halt just outside the ring of fire. We see their dead expressionless faces through the smoke and flames.
Ext. Winterfell battlements - jaime/defenders moment
Jaime takes in the spectacle with barely-concealed horror. Seeing one wight in the Dragonpit was bad enough. This is something else entirely.
Grey Worm has never seen even one wight before this moment. He sets his jaw, as his hand tightens on his spear.
A series of shots shows us the reactions of various NORTHERN BANNERMEN and common soldiers. Their fear is shot through with a kind of speechless disbelief. Deep down, they had all been hoping Jon Snow was either lying or mistaken about what they're now seeing before them.

LYANNA MORMONT stands bravely beside her tiny force of Mormont archers. No incredulity here -- she's been a true believer from the beginning. She is frightened, like any sane person would be, but her young features are set in a fierce scowl that will inspire a thousand Lyanna Mormont fan tributes.
Int. glover's tower cell - concurrent
High in his tower cell, LORD GLOVER is staring out the window at the horror show, soiling his pants.
Dany flies through the storm, looking all around, searching.
A sudden loud crescendo of cawing pulls her attention. She corrects course, heading toward the sound. She squints against the wind, trying to see through the blowing snow.
An eerie cry echoes out, just as a draconic silhouette becomes visible through the storm haze.
Drogon lets loose a great fireball, aimed straight ahead.
And in a terrifyingly epic shot -- a masterwork of VFX -- the NIGHT KING sails right through it, completely indifferent to the flames, coming straight at us on VISERION's back.
Ext. Palisades - wightS MOMENT
With a ghastly cry, the wights rush the palisade, simultaneously.
Ext. WinterFELL BATTLEMENTS - jaime moment
(to archers)
The nervous archers stand down, relaxing the tension of their bows.

Ext. Palisades - wights moment
Wights clamber over the firewood en masse, collapsing as they each succumb to the flames. A few of them make it over the firebreak, only to topple backward as they attempt to scale the palisade. We follow one of them as it scrabbles up the incline of the wet timbers, its clothes burning on its back, only to be stymied at the overhang. It slides back down, landing in a crumpled burning mess at the base of the palisade.
We linger on its face. Deanimated, it's no longer a monster, just a sad corpse. A fresh one, from the recent attacks, perhaps even someone we recognize from the Lonely Hills.
As we brood upon the tragedy of human mortality, we hear the shrill ululations of Dothraki war cries, and the thunder of their hooves.
Ext. Winterfell landscape - dothraki moment
DOTHRAKI SCREAMERS come pouring around a bluff, a raging rapids of horseflesh and battle lust.
The riders are in their element, out here in an open field, hemming in the dense masses of unskilled foot soldiers. They lop off wight heads and limbs with ease, arakhs twirling.
The trapped wights turn away from the palisade and launch themselves toward the riders, fighting back, but the Dothraki dance nimbly away as a unit, continuing to cull wights as they retreat. They are masters of herd dynamics, using their greater mobility to their advantage, an ever-shifting force out for DPS.
Hadorro thrusts his arakh in the air as he gallops along, screaming his zeal.
Wight POV: Hadorro comes charging up, his arakh flashing out to decapitate us.
Ext. SKY - dragons moment
A flight of arrows punch upward through Viserion's leathery wings. Viserion shrieks in zombie indignation and sends down a jet of blue flame. Dany and team see it coming and dodge.
Dany urges Drogon into a climb. He beats the air, gaining altitude, then locks his wings as he sweeps into a smooth banking glide, giving the crew a stable platform to shoot from. Jon, Jorah, and the archers search for their target, their hands held poised on their bowstrings.

Their raven alert system raises a cry, giving away the enemy's position. The men loose their arrows, aiming down at the Night King himself.
The Night King is forced into a roll, deflecting the arrows off the scales of Viserion's belly.
Above him, Drogon roars his dominance.
Ext. Palisades - wights MOMENT
The wights' deanimated remains are piled so thick outside the first palisade, that fresh wights are beginning to come over the barrier in certain places, scrambling up a ramp of smoldering corpses.
Wights tumble over the top of the palisade, landing in a jumble of bodies inside the defensive ring. They scramble to their feet and keep coming.
A horde of wights comes sprinting over the open ground. They reach the second palisade, and--
--they go up in flames as the second ring catches fire with a vengeance, ignited by a hailstorm of fresh fire arrows.

Team Drogon is on the hunt, arrows nocked, scanning the blizzard for their undead quarry.
A burst of cawing makes them swivel, drawing their bows. But there's something frantic about the cawing this time--
Dany gasps and dodges hard, just as an ice blade comes arrowing down at them with a high unearthly ring. It passes so close that Dany's hair and clothes flutter in its wake. Behind her, the men clutch at Drogon's spikes, whiplashed by the sudden dodge.
Dany is badly shaken. That was close, way too close. She looks up, scanning fearfully for the Night King.
Jaime is squinting out at something, wearing a "what the hell is that" expression.
Until it changes to "holy fucking shit."
A MAMMOTH WIGHT comes crashing through the first palisade, the smoking timbers bursting into splinters before it. It trumpets mightily, rearing up, then lowers its head and charges.
Scorpion bolts thump into the ground behind it as it bulls right through the second and third palisades, before finally collapsing in flames beneath the walls of Winterfell.
Behind it, a stampede of wight foot soldiers come pouring in through the breach. A few of them go down in flames, but they are so dense and numerous that the path is clearly on its way to being trampled cold.
Oil, now! Archers, loose!

MORE MAMMOTHS are opening more breaches at more points along the perimeter, their shaggy hair flaming bright before they succumb. Some of them get taken out by scorpion bolts before they can complete their charge, but even so, the palisades are clearly done for.
Ext. beneath the walls - wights moment
The wight horde crashes against the walls like a breaking wave. Dragonglass arrows rain down, but the wights are swarming like ants nonetheless, scrabbling at the stone, climbing over each other.
A pair of DEFENDERS hoist a kettle up into a crenellation, supporting it by long iron handles. A third defender holds a torch to its mouth as they pour out the oil, sending a waterfall of flame down upon the attackers.
A horizontal jet of blue flame comes billowing at Dany and her team, head on, forcing them to duck. They pass just under it, close enough to singe the clothes on their backs.
Unbidden, Drogon points his nose up and sends up an answering jet of orange flame -- it's ineffectual, but clearly a reflex not easily curbed.
The men swivel and shoot as the dragons pass each other. More holes appear in Viserion's wings. Then the Night King banks him around for another attack, forcing them onto the defensive once again.
Ext. Godswood - sansa moment
Sansa is crouched at Bran's side, looking around and listening fearfully to the sounds of battle.
She freezes as she hears a faint, ominous rumbling sound.
She looks down and sees pebbles shivering and rattling on the ground as the earth shakes. The rumbling grows louder and louder.

A huge ARMORED MAMMOTH charges up and bulls right into the wall surrounding the godswood, close to where it meets the main castle. The wall shivers as snow and debris come tumbling down, dislodged by the impact.
Every mammoth has been, well, mammoth, but this particular specimen is a true monstrosity. It rears up on its hind legs and smashes with its front feet, over and over again.
Up on the walls, archers rain arrows down at it. The mammoth soon bristles with feathers, but the dragonglass arrows fail to penetrate its armor and its thick hide. Fire arrows ignite its hair, but it continues smashing, unfazed for now.
Smash, smash, smash. Stones begin to fall from the increasingly weakened wall.
Suddenly, a scorpion bolt drills it right through the skull, with a satisfying KACHUNK. It collapses--
Just as TWO MORE MAMMOTHS emerge from the storm and charge straight into the compromised wall.
A breach opens up. Archers scream as they fall into the gap.
The color drains from Sansa's face as she hears the collapsing of the wall, and the sounds of incoming wights.
The Unsullied form up into a shield wall, encircling the heart tree in a ring, bristling with spears. The Northern soldiers ready themselves with longbows and pikes. Gendry hefts his warhammer. Arya, Brienne, Pod, and the Hound all draw their steel.
EXT. GODSWOOD - WALL BREACH - wights moment
The wights rush past in an incoherent blur of running bodies, growling and shrieking as they come.
Arrows and burning oil come pouring down from the walls above, but it's woefully inadequate in the face of their sheer numbers. The wights pour in like water through a broken dam, filling the area closest to the main castle, cutting off any retreat out of the godswood.

A pitched battle rages around the heart tree. The Unsullied are impeccably professional, holding the line with utter discipline. Behind their shield wall, Northern archers send dragonglass arrows arcing out at the attacking monsters, while other soldiers thrust pikes at them between the shields.
The wights drag a hapless Unsullied shieldman out of line and into their midst. Four or five wights shove through the gap, making a beeline for Bran, before the Unsullied close ranks again.
Gendry steps into their path and takes down a wight with one swing of his hammer. The rest continue past him and are dispatched by the others.
As the Hound cleaves a wight in half, something makes him look up. Whatever it is, we know it must be bad if it can make even the Hound look this afraid.
A WHITE WALKER steps slowly through the trees, his piercing blue eyes fixed upon Bran, like everyone else is irrelevant.
Beneath the heart tree, Bran sits motionless in his chair, silent and insensate -- the eye of the storm.
The Hound grabs Brienne by the arm.
The Walker! We have to take out the Walker.
Brienne's eyes follow to where the Hound is pointing with his sword. Pod looks up at them both.
If we kill him, the foot soldiers fall too.
Are you sure?
It's the best chance we have.
Brienne hesitates, looking back at Sansa and Arya, the girls she's sworn to protect. Arya is crouched defensively in front of Sansa, fierce and focused and deadly. Gendry stands guard over Bran with his warhammer.
Brienne looks out at the wights, her eyes flitting as she assesses the situation.

She turns to Pod.
Guard the Stark girls.
Pod looks up at his boss. He has a bad feeling, but he knows better than to argue with that tone of voice. He nods meekly.
Don't leave their side for any reason!
Yes, my lady.
Brienne turns toward the Hound and gives a single, grim nod.
The two BAMFs move out, side-by-side, and shoulder their way through the shield wall and into the fray.
On the walls, Jaime finds Tyrion and grabs him roughly by the shoulder.
We could really use that dragon in the breach!
Tyrion looks up and sees Rhaegal circling overhead.
What do you want me to do, whistle for him?
You're the Targaryen! You tell me!
I'm not technically (a Targaryen--)
Think of something! Pretend you're Daenerys!
Jaime rushes off, shouting orders, leaving Tyrion dumbfounded behind him.

ext. Sky - drAGONS MOMENT
The ravens cry a warning as Viserion lets loose a jet of blue flame.
Dany dives, but not quickly enough to evade the attack entirely. Archer #3 takes a direct hit and is instantly reduced to ash and black bone.
In front of him, Archer #2 is completely engulfed in flame. He flails, dying and screaming horribly.
Dany looks back over her shoulder at the horror behind her.
(looking ahead)
Dany looks forward again, just in time to evade another gout of blue flame.
Archer #2's flaming corpse slumps forward onto Archer #1, who screams in pain as the flames spread to his clothing too. He tries to push Archer #2 away, but they're all strapped in together. His screams escalate as he tries to beat out the flames with his hands.
Jorah is leaning forward as far as he can, grimacing as Archer #1 flails just behind him.
Jon stows his bow, draws his dagger, and leans around Jorah to cut at the straps holding them all onto Drogon's back. One strap snaps free, and there's a visible resulting shift in their positions. Jon grabs one of Drogon's spikes with his free hand to steady himself and goes for another strap.
Vos! VOS!
(No! NO!)
The burning archer tries to stop Jon from cutting him loose, swatting desperately at his hands. Jon grits his teeth and plunges the dagger into the man's heart.
The screams abruptly cease. Jon stares into the man's wide eyes, his face full of sympathetic pain.
The archer slumps dead as Jon yanks his dagger free, splattering himself and Jorah with blood. He resumes cutting at the straps, bearing down with grim determination.
Jorah puts an arm through his bow, stowing it, and grabs hold of Drogon's spikes, bracing himself for the release.

The last strap snaps free. The dead archers plummet toward the ground and disappear into the swirling snow. Jon loses his seat too, and nearly falls, but he's still holding on with his free hand. He dangles precariously behind Jorah as Drogon dodges another attack.
ext. Godswood - Brienne/hound moment
Brienne and the Hound have cut their way out of the thickest part of the press and are moving through the godswood as quickly as they can, evading and fighting wight foot soldiers as they work their way toward the White Walker. They fight as a team, back-to-back, each guarding the other. The wights are preoccupied with attacking the heart tree, and the two press toward their target like a double-ended weed whacker of Valyrian steel and badassery.
As they draw near, the White Walker finally notices that he's in trouble, taking his gaze away from Bran for the first time since he'd entered the godswood. He hefts his ice blade defensively in his hands. As he does, the wights suddenly turn away from the heart tree and rush toward them.
Now! Go, GO!
The Hound doesn't need to be told twice. He charges at the White Walker, while Brienne stands to face the coming onslaught.
With a fearsome yell, the Hound closes the gap and engages the White Walker. The ice blade rings painfully as it clashes against Heartsbane.
Intercut with the Hound's duel, Brienne fights heroically as she fends off the wight foot soldiers, keeping them from aiding the Walker. As she fights, the wights come at her thicker and faster as more of them rush up from the direction of the heart tree. Brienne stands her ground, wielding Oathkeeper with berserker fury, never flinching from her duty as the wights swarm up all around her.
EXT. GODSWOOD - wall breach - hound MOMENT
The Hound presses his attack, driving the Walker back toward the breach.

Brienne disappears under a swarming mess of wights. Their weapons rise and fall methodically, almost robotically, hacking brutishly at her, somewhere unseen in their midst.
With a wordless animalistic battle yell, Brienne regains her feet through raw force of will, punching violently up through the throng like a swimmer surfacing for air. She's covered in blood and looks almost inhuman in her ferocity. Oathkeeper flashes as she slashes at the seething monsters all around her, before disappearing again.
The wights rush up in a great snarling pack, bearing down on the Hound, who is still locked up in a fierce duel.
With a final climactic swing, the Hound brings Heartsbane down upon the White Walker, shattering him in a sudden shower of ice crystals.
The wights collapse to pieces. The momentum of their charge sends deanimated parts skittering across the ground at the Hound's feet.
The heart tree defenders watch as the vast majority of the godswood wights deanimate and fall to the ground.
The Hound pants in the sudden silence, surrounded by finely shattered Walker remnants and dead wight bits. His duel has carried him right up to the breach in the godswood wall.
As he recovers from his exertion, he looks up and freezes.
Hound's POV: a fresh horde of wights is emerging out of the woods, off in the middle distance. They're still a ways off, but they're coming for us, fast.
The Hound spins and sprints back the way he came, running for the heart tree.

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